Suggestible racists looking for their day in the sun…

Ahhhh…a bank holiday weekend. The perfect opportunity to catch up with friends, enjoy the sunshine, mow the lawn and embark upon a bit of light anti-muslamic vandalism.

With embarrassing predictability, the English Defence League and their stunning line in misspelt tattoos and St Georges Cross leisurewear are back, responding to the murder of Lee Rigby in their own inimitable way – by getting shitfaced, chucking bottles and chanting.

Except its not inimitable. The EDL have such a limited grasp of the art of protest that they are merely replicating their pub/football terrace behaviour in an environment they have never before been allowed to. What a novelty it must be for them to be able to legitimately take to the streets, kicking off whilst offending the eyes of everyone in their path by baring their flabby torsos.

England ’til I Die!

Take a brief look at a group of EDL supporters and you’ll see something glaringly obvious that they don’t even realise themselves. Their so-called beloved En-ger-land has failed them. I hate to make sweeping generalisations, but what does this picture say about England? Aside from ‘AVERT YOUR EYES LEST YOU BE FOREVER SCARRED’.

It suggests that these people are poorly educated, aggressive, drink heavily and are likely to be unemployed. They have been identified as ‘precariat’; the most financially, socially and educationally deprived class. The inconsistencies and contradictions in their words and actions demonstrate how little they actually care about the guiding principles (I say ‘principles’, I obviously mean ‘screaming postulate horseshit’) of the EDL. For example, their anger about the oppression of women in Islam vs their own incredibly progressive insistence on having an ‘angels’ division for the little ladies, for fucks sake. What they care about is being noticed. They have learnt over long years of being ignorant and ignored is that the best way to get attention is through acts of violence, aggression and disorder.

“Tommy Robinson” knows this. He’s a turbo-cunt and no rocket scientist but under the guidance and financing of über anti-Islamist millionaire, alleged sociopath and all-round hideous stupidly-haired rancid bell-end Alan Ayling, he has identified, sought out and converted the very group of people most willing and able to carry his message to the masses. Together Tom ‘n’ Al know that these men and women make fascinating viewing for a nation of people who ensure the continued existence of the Jeremy Kyle Show. Using an army of malleable drones who are proven to happily clash without much prompting. Followers who hang off Tommys every word with no understanding that he is exploiting them, using their muscle to push Ayling’s agenda. They think Tommy is just like them. He’s not. Why on earth would he change his name otherwise?

I suspect that the bulk of EDL members don’t much care who they hate. Their spit and racist rage is very real, fundamentally and unacceptably wrong but artificially driven. They are just looking for a target and fuel for their anger. A kick of blood-lust and adrenalin in an otherwise disappointing life. They’d be clutching their beer cans and battling it out amongst themselves in pubs and on terraces all over the country if the EDL hadn’t harnessed and channelled their rage. By playing on their nostalgia and fear of the unknown, telling them that a fictitious ‘fish ‘n’ chips’ England is at risk, you’re guaranteed to ignite the torch. All that remains is to hand them the metaphorical pitchfork and send them charging drunkenly towards an inevitable flash of cameras and anti-protests. Take away the spotlight and the organisation will die.

Because if handed a big bundle of cash, the average EDL member would be outta here like shit off a shovel. ‘England ’til I Die’ would in a flash become ‘Fuck this, I’m off to Benidorm’.

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