Credit where it’s due?

I’m on holiday. I type this on my iPhone as I lie on a sun lounger in Tenerife, so excuse the typing errors from my chubby little digits.

I know I shouldn’t be blogging. I should be relaxing, but right now I am cross. Actually, I am less cross, more offended, upset and I definitely feel taken advantage of in a kind of ‘I’ve been pickpocketed’ type of way.

Let me explain:

In June/July 2012 Art on the Street has a lot of Very Good Ideas. I spent days committing them to paper, making sense of our Very Good Ideas and putting diagrams, photos and Harriet’s glorious illustrations alongside it all to make a clear document on how Art on the Street envisioned a Maidenhead High Street driven by the massive community of artists who exist in our town. We called it Destination Maidenhead and it was a BIG document.

I was invited to present our ideas to the Maidenhead Town Forum on 7th July 2012. I was fucking terrified, but I did it. I really really believed (and still do) that our ideas had merit. They could be something really special for our town.

As a result I was invited to some council meetings that were designed to look at arts regeneration in Maidenhead Town Centre. They were interesting in that the attendees on the whole didn’t really know too much about retail challenges, the pains of a high street, the restrictions of space and what people actually want from their town.

Ideas were bandied around with more good will than anything else. But in the end the only idea that came out of the group above Art on the Streets prior proposal was to convert the Desborough Suite into an arts centre and how best to ‘use’ Maidenhead and District Arts Council. I voiced my dissent on both subjects and was subsequently no longer kept informed or involved in the groups subsequent plans.

So you can imagine how I felt to find this while I was slapping on the
Factor 30 and dicking around on my iPad:

Using The Arts To Help Rejuvenate Maidenhead T&FG

Our concepts. Presented as council initiatives. No mention of us. The hours we spent putting our document together. The sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I had to tell it to a load of strangers. The time I missed with my little person while engrossed in writing it.

If you want something of ours that will make you look better, just ask. People do it with my shoes all the time. When you take something without asking it’s stealing.

EDIT: We’ve located the original agenda and minutes from my presentation over a year ago.

6 thoughts on “Credit where it’s due?

    1. Thank you. I cannot lie, my hubby & daughter went out for a bit earlier and I had a little sob. It makes me feel like a right overreacting twat, but I feel kicked in the teeth when all we wanted to do was help. We don’t get paid, we just do it for love and friendship. It would be glorious that if just once we could be acknowledged by the council for all the work we’re doing so that they don’t have to…

      1. Well, keep on doing what you’re doing! Some day you’ll get recognition!

        … Oh, and I enjoy reading your thoughts on things. πŸ˜‰

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