In a happy turn of events…

…my garbled rantings have found themselves ending up in the most curiously bi-polar of places. Once a month my glorious local newspaper, The Maidenhead Advertiser, allows me column inches in which I rattle endlessly about the local visual arts scene. I live in hope that people like it, but know that it's pissed at least one person off, despite being the least sweary and controversial words to spew from my grubby fingertips.

Ellie, my old-school chum and the person the word 'cool' was invented for recently started up a website called 'The Cocktail Hour' and I was immensely chuffed to be part of a list of stunningly talented, stylish, avant-garde and highly intelligent women who were invited to contribute. Seriously, some of these women make me WEEP with inadequacy. They have jobs so enviable, social scenes so exquisite and legs so long that my iPad and I are currently in inconsolable refuge in Wetherspoons, drinking cut-price Pinot Grigio and pretending that chicken strips are an acceptable protein. From time to time I stroke my handbag, taking care not to cover it in grease and repeating my calming mantra…


Eventually I stop palpitating for long enough to think about what readers would like. Not that it makes much of a difference. I generally start with one subject and end up on some kind of insane slalom of words that ends up missing the finishing line by such an extent that I'm in another country entirely. No wonder I forget what the fuck I'm supposed to be doing so often. And that my handbag resembles the Somme.

I am also submitting things to blogs like the absolutely stupendous Empty Shops Network. Again, nary a swear to be found, but the importance of the project is not to be underestimated. It brings together in one place an immense amount of motivated people who want to make their communities better. Talent, drive, a will to create something tangible and exciting in a world that's constantly changing. I love it. The evolution of people and places gives me a sense of joy and faith in human nature.

So yes, I will be updating this blog with all sorts of ephemera. But I'll be chucking out a world of fleeting words in lots of other places too. And hopefully even more as time goes on. I love writing and would do it even if no-one read a single word, but I'm distending my contact lenses with shock, nervousness, restrained happiness and utter, utter, utter, total gratitude that there are people out there who want to.

You lovely buggers.


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