The importance of learning…

This month I turn my attentions to the artists who not only share their work with you, but want to convert you – teachers. Private tuition in Maidenhead for new, amateur and continued development of artists has for many years been filling a vast gap in the market that isn’t affordably or conveniently filled by short courses in Central London or beyond. For the aspiring artist who cannot feasibly return to full-time education there are a wealth of highly skilled ‘educator artists’ (as opposed to ‘arts educators’) who will teach freelance one-on-one or to the many groups of artists that meet regularly in the area.

Caroline Crawford, who regularly teaches adults and children at Norden Farm sees people taking her classes because they’ve allowed their artwork to lapse over the years and want help getting started or learn new skills. It can be quite complex: “I often write several lesson plans to fit individual requirements”, says Caroline “I like to be able to share and pass on what I know about a subject that I love”. It’s a formula that works and Caroline has no shortage of new students taking short courses in everything from Beginners Drawing and Painting to Abstract Architecture in Mixed Media.

For those who are deadly serious about developing their artwork, group life drawing sessions are one of the most effective ways to ramp up your skills in an environment that will nurture rather than directly teach. Lead by experienced artists and accommodating of all skill levels, even the most seasoned pros will agree that life drawing is an essential part of an artists armoury. Sessions will take in short bursts of sketching as well as prolonged sittings with models of all ages, shapes and sizes and an atmosphere of collective support and constructive criticism.

Art Centres aren’t the only places to find these fantastic sessions. A quick google of ‘Art Classes in Maidenhead’ throws up a wealth of results. If you’ve ever been tempted to pick up a brush or pencil, there are superb artists in Maidenhead who can help you.

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