Art enhances life…

When working towards a single goal, it’s easy to find yourself blinkered and single-minded of approach. I know that we at Art on the Street are certainly guilty of ‘over-focussing’ in the run-up to our events as we strive to make sure that we deliver a great experience for everyone on an extremely tight budget. But we’re also incredibly privileged to have each other. The four of us bounce ideas off one another, vent our frustrations, keep each other on track and laugh endlessly at all manner of ludicrous things (don’t ask!). After each event we rely on the masses of feedback we receive from participating artists, partners, supporters and visitors, ensuring we stay on track and strive to do even better next time.

We like to think that our open approach shines through – every aspect of Art on the Street has been directly moulded by the all the people who take part. We’ve adapted, changed and developed based on the needs of all involved because we are a social enterprise and we exist to make a difference – to artists, to visitors, to Maidenhead. You’ll never see us farm out a job that we can happily do ourselves and we will never require the benefit of intermediaries. We receive literally hundreds of enquiries by phone and email and ensure that we absolutely reply to everyone. It’s is not only basic good manners, but has connected us with dozens upon dozens of wonderful new friends at the same time. And isn’t that what art is all about?  Making a connection, sharing something beautiful, finding a treasure, being part of something? When the aim of art is to create a sense of place, community, support and joy it doesn’t have to cost the earth and spend months in consultations to create a legacy. It just needs to make people happy.

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