Entrepreneurial Evil and The Pound Shop Prostitutes


When did something designed to simply be a fun way in which to populate our species become so sinister? As I look down the barrel of my forties, for the first time I’m seeing the scale in which the act of sex is used not for recreation or procreation. And the way in which it is regarded in the same way as booze or drugs – activities that, even when conducted in company, are all about the ‘Me Me Me’.

And this is where it all goes wrong for sex. It’s a slightly clumsy, incredibly comical and largely unflattering design that allows two people to give each other a great deal of pleasure and, if that’s your bag, create a life in the process. But in order to want to give someone the pleasure of your body, there is usually emotional buy-in at some level. If sex is treated as an indulgence in the same way one might take cocaine or skull whiskey then you’re largely looking for the end result with absolute detachment. You go to the bar and buy a drink, but you don’t want the bartenders life story, right? And that’s absolutely fine. It’s a classic scenario that is as old as time. The one night stand, the zipless fuck, call it what you like, but crucially BOTH people are up for it and only have their own interests at heart. Problem is, it does take a bit more effort than acquiring your poison of choice. Your average coke dealer doesn’t expect you to smell like Beyonce’s armpit and couldn’t give two fandangos when you last waxed your Lala.

And therein lies the problem of instant gratification. We live in a world where if we want something, we reach out and get it. And if there is a demand for something, then our great capitalist culture will always fill a gap in the marketplace. So if an orgasm on demand is what we want, then *FABULOUS NEWS KLAXON* we can jolly well get it, as prostitution is well-established and mutually beneficial, where kicks are exchanged for cash with no strings attached. Or if you’re up for a bit of risk, you can go to swingers parties, dogging sites or any number of places where you can enjoy a spot of mutually consensual, casual, uninhibited fucking with a perfect stranger. What jolly copulating fun!

And aside from the inevitable accidents, borne of idiotic risks taken when grown fuckwits should know better, that’s the whole point. Sex is a daft joy, an opportunity to drink in another person, a wayward lust, a happy tussle, a relief of delicious tension, an expression of love or just an itch you need that exquisite person opposite you to scratch. It’s not a place to exercise power or possession. There should be no jubilations in the satisfaction of one over another and I utterly fail to understand what level of gratification can be achieved when your sexual partner doesn’t actually want to have sex with you. Worse still, is being frightened, drugged and threatened into submission. How the fuck does anyone get a hard-on when faced with a girl they’ve paid someone else for who is lying in front of them scared, pupils dilated, weak and been ‘used’ already several times that evening?

Think about it. These vulnerable and exploited girls from Rotherham (and no doubt thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of others all over the world) were being used to fill a gap in the market. The men who traffic them around are making significant amounts of money from people who are willing to pay to fuck and beat semi-conscious girls.

Care to explain where the market for this comes from? Exactly who gets their kicks this way? And why? Is it misogyny in its purest form? A way to punish the female sex for fuck knows what perceived transgression? Some kind of deep-rooted Freudian anger with their mothers? A lack of power in their lives? Whatever it is, they can find balm for their anger by all the other means I have listed above. There’s no kink that isn’t already capably catered for.

Which only leaves one other explanation: money.

Just considering the sheer amount of rapes these girls were subjected to on a daily basis suggests that their captors enslaved them into volume sales at a cheap rate. Their rapists desire to have the least expensive no strings attached fuck they could ruined the lives of thousands of girls. Their need for sex is powerful enough to ensure that their principles (if they actually have any) fly out the window faster than a used condom. It’s profiteering stooped lower than any other.

Cheap little girls for sale. Like a pound shop purchase, they break at the first use. Treated as disposable. Stripped of their voices, protection, humanity and their clothes and reduced to nothing more than warm, empty flesh for men with shallow pockets. What despicable beings humans are.


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