Cookham & Maidenhead Arts Trail

As I am prone to banging on endlessly, it’s a well known fact that artists are absolutely brilliant at DIY. I’m not specifically referring to putting up shelves, re-wiring plugs and rudimentary plumbing, although it can come with the territory, but a single-minded determination to get things done. At Art on the Street we are the very definition of Do It Yourself (and have the bruises to prove it) and as such are incredibly excited to welcome a fantastic new team of art market veterans and tenacious do-ers who want to put Maidenhead’s visual arts quite literally ‘on the map’ over the weekend of 27th September and hopefully long into the future.

The new Cookham and Maidenhead Arts trail has emerged from under the cross discipline umbrella of Cookham Festival and will prove a fantastic antidote to the new chillier autumn temperatures, showcasing the works of around thirty artists over seventeen locations within a five mile area of Maidenhead.

All arts trails are different, but the team behind CAMAT have worked really hard on all the little details that will make this new trail a really relaxed and congenial way to meet artists in their own environment and buy locally produced works of art. Many will lay on refreshments for visitors, some will have demonstrations of their practice throughout the two days. Knowing many of the participating artists, I think I can safely guarantee visitors a warm welcome and some really exceptional artwork.

Once everyone has recovered from the success of Cookham and Maidenhead Arts Trail, on the 11th October we are hoping for a great turnout of artists wanting to book their place at the next Art on the Street event in December. Bookings Morning at Bovilles Art Shop is always incredibly nerve-wracking – like holding a party and wondering if anyone will come – but despite the regular organisational panic and stomach-flipping it’s always an absolute delight to welcome our old friends and new faces alike. It’s always a bit of a bunfight, but the great humour and camaraderie amongst the waiting artists is an absolute tonic and never fails to remind us why we put in all the hours we do and how important the DIY ethic really is. We wish every success to everyone involved in CAMAT and hope the weekend gives them as much joy as Art on the Street gives us.


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