She’s rattling on about vaginas again…

I’m going to get a reputation if I’m not careful. Like when people think about Nicki Minaj they automatically think of ample bottoms, I am going to be ‘The Shouty Fanny Lady’. Most recently, I have had the absolutely privilege to write for Little Miss Creative who, on International Women’s Day, launched The New Woman (TNF) Magazine. It describes itself as ‘an international digital platform providing an uncensored voice for the creative females of today’, which I can only assume is the reason my wonderful editor Rosia took this particularly sweary piece on. And I couldn’t be happier with the wonderful positive, kind and complimentary responses to my first piece for her. Let’s hope I can keep it up, eh?

You can read the piece in full on page 11.


One thought on “She’s rattling on about vaginas again…

  1. Everything I’ve ever wanted to say and more! Huzzah! A friend sent me TNF mag as she’s a poem published on p21. Would be great to have some more digital links off the writers. Wondered if Rosia would be up for it. Championing Womens’ writing and linking to this blog perhaps…..if you get my drift.

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