World Art Day 2015

World Art Day on April 15th seemed like a timely opportunity to mentally compile a list of all the arts activity in the Town Centre over the last few years. Being a bit of an old fashioned gal at heart, I put
my iPad down for a minute, grabbed a notebook and my favourite pen (don’t deny it, we all have one) and engaged my brain rather than the wifi…

Well, there’s Art on the Street, but besides us there is Norden Farm Lantern Parade, Craft Coop Pop Up Shops, Fuhaar Indian Art & Craft Event, 124 Studios, monthly art at The Rendezvous Café, Artspiration Arts Award Classes…and so it went on. In the end there was a great list of organisations that quite often work side by side and offer support to each other. Driving those organisations are exceptionally spirited people who have been a real force for change, inspiring alternative uses for empty spaces, creative entrepreneurship, taking education out of the classroom and more, often on a tiny or non-existent budget. And there are huge numbers of people involved – Craft Coop, for example, represent over 150 local artists and craftspeople. Norden Farm’s Lantern Parade was a vast spectacle and the culmination of months of work with hundreds of participants. The little titles that we give our collectives bear practically no resemblance to the scale of their impact.

It’s a powerful thing, when you think about it. Thousands of people feel the knock-on effects of the work of these focused, passionate people. They deliver events, teach our children, entertain us as we shop, make having a cup of tea more interesting, create something beautiful that we want to keep and add to the cultural well-being of people and the perception of the area. It makes absolute sense to take some time out and make an acknowledgement, however small, to this world within a world where actions literally speak louder than words.

Credit where credit’s due, don’t you agree?


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