Bloggy swear-free Mama, at your service.

Two years have passed and I can confidently say that I can now construct entire pieces of writing that are 100% swear-free. As you might imagine, this old “words for money” malarkey is all manner of serious shizz and – by and large – I’ve not offended anyone or made any significant cock-ups. Who knew I was capable of such a thing?

*high fives round the room*

So when the opportunity arose to talk about what it means to me to be a mum, I felt sure that I could chuck a load of words out there without too much chance of metaphorically kicking myself in the fangita. So I signed up, knocked out a bio (ok, I asked my friends to tell me what to put in my writers bio. But all writers nick stuff, so it’s ok, yeah?) and now I am a proud member of the Families UK Online Blogging Team.

I sit cheerfully alongside all kinds of scrumptious, smart and civilised people. Some manage to fit their blogs in around raising about a gazillion children. Others are actual proper grown-ups and have it together enough to have professional career-type-things, or their own businesses. Eeek. On the whole, they seem very nice. And much like every time I walk into a room full of people I don’t know, I find myself thinking “please don’t hate me”, but in blogging, as in life, I tend to sort of just let things fall out of my head and then think about them later.

So, this little online adventure could be a très exciting endeavour full of new friends and delightful parenting pillockry, which will be very pleasant for me, but perhaps a little dull for you, beloved reader. That said, one false move and 227,000 Facebook followers of Families Online might tear me a new arsehole. So pull up a chair, grab a Martini and let’s see how it all pans out…

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 18.05.48


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